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* There are a lot of online business or business platform which you can invest on and make your money on net but now I will be explain some here.

* Have you ever spend time online without earning money.

* Have you ever waste data for unnecessary things online without making money.

* Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency before or investing in cryptocurrency or what is called a Smart Contract this is the time for you to make money online or invest in cryptocorency because now are day's life is going to a technology time.

* What is Cryptocurrency?

currency is not just the future of money but the future of humanity! It has been factually proven that the only asset that is greater than real crypto currency is HUMAN LIFE. Not even gold nor diamond can compete with real cryptocurrency in terms of VALUE.

* Cryptocurrency are:

 * Bitcoin

* Ethurium 

* Tron 

* Steam etc.

* What did you understand by Smart contract.

A smart contract is a channel which works in a blockchain platform engineering *peer to peer* transactions without the intervention of a third party...

Now I will be telling you on how to make money on Forsage.1 smart contract were you will make your money with your mobile phone.

What is forsage.1 and how dose it registered.

 * Forsage.io is a crypto leadership program that works on Smart Contract. It allows you to work from home or anywhere you desire as you watch your account grow with the available crypto currency. The system is flexible, with no time limit, goals, or pressure. Forsage works on specific aspects of Ether cryptocurrency (NYSE: ETH:TRX), which allows users to earn Ethereum long-term revenues through a transfer system. Once you have joined, you need to send at least three people to do the same.

Step 1 - Install the Interested Pack on Your Mobile Phone or Tron Link for Your PC

Step 2 - Buy TRON (TRX) and support your Crypto WALLET

You can purchase Ethereum (ETH) directly from local cryptocurrency exchanges with your credit card and switch your Ethereum to TRON using SoftSwap.io and transfer it to your TRON wallet.

Once you have purchased TRON, transfer them to your crypto wallet.

Step 3 - REGISTER FOR 400 TRX LIVING FORM ONLY (About $ 12 Only)

Copy and paste the Forsage interaction link in your Token Pocket App.

For iPhone, use DApp and Android.

Click DIRECT REGISTRATION, just make sure you are logged into your TOKEN POCKET wallet and have at least 405 TRX subscriptions. This will automatically guide you through the registration process.

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