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Download Bella smurder- cash-app mp3

 download Bella smurder-cash-app Audio.

 After all is hard work to push him self in the music industry from vision 2020 to "Cash App" and what all this cash app is about cashing out by all means, hustling everyday without relenting to enjoy good life.


Hunter ah, hunter ah
Everyday I am chasing good life
Tire ah, Tire ah
Roller Coaster I never tire

Yeah yeah
Back to sender, Back to sender
You wish me bad Back to sender

Yeh mami
Higher ah, Higher ah
I never come down going higher

Sho ni CC, Load am Cash App, Cashout
O ni maga Bill Am, Small money, Ball out
Usain Bolt, Run am
You get shock light, Lock am
If you no get money leave am, EFCC bo o Japa…

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